Hi, I’m Alexander Dmitrenko, I’m of centrist political views and have an active social strategy. I want you to understand that there’s a major issue going on with the topic I most care about socially right now. This topic is #russophobia.

I grew up in Moscow, however my adult life was forged in Barcelona, I’m a third culture kid. I don’t want to see #russophobia spread just like I don’t want #fascism or #homophobia to spread in our societies.

I run a socially responsible organisation called RussCat, you can learn more at https://russcat.org and I feel the need to express my concerns regarding the current situation with #russophobia in the western world.

Why do I care?

I want to help all Russian-speaking people feel valued and treated equally as any other human being of any other nationality. I fight for freedom and democratic values. I like Russia and I want you to only have an opinion of that marvellous country after you visit it once. I don’t opinate about something I haven’t lived.

Russia is my place of birth

I grew up in Moscow. I loved it. I care deeply about its history. I moved to Barcelona, because a girl I met in Malta showed me a wonderful Catalan city and asked me to come over to live there. I loved the weather and I decided to stay. I was 17.

I feel as if I were Catalan born in Moscow. It’s a wonderful combination. And I’m a rare bird, I know.

Career Success

I ran very many businesses and I have practiced negotiation skills for very many years. I had started 7 restaurant projects, I worked for investment banks, I taught at universities, set up a collections agency, a mega-yachts sales company and very many different, however equally exciting, businesses in the UK, USA, EU and Russia.

I have learned success through many failures, “no-s” and reiterations. But there’s one thing I won’t tolerate…


  • I was accused of being a “mafia connection” just because it’s easy to think of a Russian.
  • I was accused of being a “threat to the society” just because it’s easy to think of a Russian.
  • I was accused of supporting illegal separatist movements just because it’s easy to think of a Russian.
  • I was refused the Spanish nationality.

Well I have an answer:

  • I’m not a “mafia connection” – I’m a member of the IPA (International Police Association) for having collaborated closely and being a member of the fiscal police in Russia, I helped and help investigate serious financial crimes.
  • I’m a not a “threat to the society” because I have been a proliferous businessmen bringing in workplaces and positive social change by fighting against homophobia, fascism and Russophobia.
  • I’m of centrist political views and I support civil rights and a democratic approach to resolving any conflict. Voting on political conflicts is the only answer if you ask me.
  • I am as Spanish as I am Catalan and Russian. Let’s see if anyone can prove me wrong?

Hope you know more about me now. Get in touch with me if you want to support me and help me spread my message!

Take good care,

Alex D.